Mathematical foundations of computer networking

Keshav, Srinivasan.

Mathematical foundations of computer networking - Upper Saddle River, NJ Addison-Wesley 2012 - 474 tr. 23 cm.

Includes index

Mathematical techniques pervade current research in computer networking, yet are not taught to most computer science undergraduates. This self-contained, highly-accessible book bridges the gap, providing the mathematical grounding students and professionals need to successfully design or evaluate networking systems. The only book of its kind, it brings together information previously scattered amongst multiple texts. It first provides crucial background in basic mathematical tools, and then illuminates the specific theories that underlie computer networking. Coverage includes: * Basic probability * Statistics * Linear Algebra * Optimization * Signals, Systems, and Transforms, including Fourier series and transforms, Laplace transforms, DFT, FFT, and Z transforms * Queuing theory * Game Theory * Control theory * Information theory


Computer networks

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