Scheinrock, Jeff,

The agile start-up : quick and dirty lessons every entrepreneur should know Agile startup Jeff Scheinrock, Matt Richter-Sand. - 1 edition - USA; Wiley, 2013. - xvii, 349 p. : color illustrations ; 24 cm

Includes bibliographical references (pages 339-340) and index.

The tools of a digital age make it easier than ever to start anew business. And with billion-dollar IPOs and acquisitions makingweekly headlines, the potential rewards are enormous. But even withall of the advantages and resources that today's entrepreneurs haveaccess to, the likelihood of any one business succeeding is slim.That's why you need the simple, clear lessons found in The AgileStartup.

Engaging and informative, The Agile Startup doesn't offerstep-by-step instructions on how to build a better mousetrap.Instead, it shows you how to build companies that continually adaptto the "real" world. Along the way, you'll discover you're notalone in your entrepreneurial endeavors, and that almost everychallenge a startup can face has already been faced, and overcome,by someone in the past.

Contains lessons culled from decades of creating successfulcompanies, which includes possessing a flexible mindset
Provides valuable insights, based on a market-drivenphilosophy, regarding launching and managing products, businesses,and brands
Written by two authors who have a combined sixty-plus years ofstartup experience and understand the reasons behind theirsuccesses and failures
A companion Website contains supplementary material that allowsyou to learn in a hands-on fashion long after closing the book
The journey of a startup is daunting. Think about everythingthat has to be overcome and you'll quickly see that the odds arestacked heavily against you. But with The Agile Startup asyour guide, you'll learn exactly what it takes to succeed in yourentrepreneurial endeavors.

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