Sidnell, Jack

The Handbook of Conversation Analysis Editor: Jack Sidnell, Tanya Stivers - Chichester, West Sussex [England] ; Wiley-Blackwell, 2014. - 823 p. : ill. ; 23 cm.

Presenting a comprehensive, state-of-the-art overview oftheoretical and descriptive research in the field, The Handbookof Conversation Analysis brings together contributions byleading international experts to provide an invaluable informationresource and reference for scholars of social interaction acrossthe areas of conversation analysis, discourse analysis, linguisticanthropology, interpersonal communication, discursive psychologyand sociolinguistics.

Ideal as an introduction to the field for upper levelundergraduates and as an in-depth review of the latest developmentsfor graduate level students and established scholars
Five sections outline the history and theory, methods,fundamental concepts, and core contexts in the study ofconversation, as well as topics central to conversationanalysis
Written by international conversation analysis experts, thebook covers a wide range of topics and disciplines, from reviewingunderlying structures of conversation, to describing conversationanalysis' relationship to anthropology, communication, linguistics,psychology, and sociology



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