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100 1 _aSarkar, Kumar.
245 1 0 _aAd hoc mobile wireless networks :
_bprinciples, protocols, and applications
260 _aNew York :
_bAuerbach Publications,
300 _axix, 312 p. :
_bill. ;
_c25 cm.
504 _aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
520 _aAd hoc mobile wireless networks have seen increased adaptation in a variety of disciplines because they can be deployed with simple infrastructures and virtually no central administration. In particular, the development of ad hoc wireless and sensor networks provides tremendous opportunities in areas including disaster recovery, defense, health care, and industrial environments. Ad Hoc Mobile Wireless Networks: Principles, Protocols and Applications explains the concepts, mechanisms, design, and performance of these systems. It presents in-depth explanations of the latest wireless technologies, including Bluetooth, IrDA, HomeRF, WiFi, WiMAx, wireless Internet, and the mobile IP. The book begins with a focus on ad hoc wireless networks and MAC protocols, discussing the issues of collision resolution, multiple channels, and the use of directional antennas. It continues with a preview of the numerous practical applications of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) and describes how these applications involve different scenarios dependent on the environment and nature of participant interactions. The authors address the trials of bringing Quality of Service (QoS) support to MANETs and the common difficulties associated with that task, which include mobility, limited bandwidth, and power consumption. Every chapter provides relevant examples and problems to illustrate each concept.
650 0 _aWireless communication systems
650 0 _aInternetworking (Telecommunication)
650 0 _aAd hoc networks (Computer networks)
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