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020 _a0521540283
020 _a9780521540285
082 _a808
_bI -311-O
100 _aMlynarczyk, Rebecca.
245 _aIn our own words
_bstudent writers at work
_cRebecca Mlynarczyk ; Steven B. Haber
003 TLU
250 _a3rd ed.
260 _aNew York
_aCambridge, England
_bCambridge University Press
300 _axix, 268 p.
_c26 cm.
500 _aIncludes index.
650 _aCollege prose, American.
650 _aCollege readers.
650 _aCollege students' writings, American.
650 _aEnglish language
650 _aReport writing
653 _aBài đọc
653 _aTiếng Anh
653 _aVăn bản
700 _aHaber, Steven B.
901 _aĐã lưu thông
910 _bThuan
942 _cNV
520 _aIn Our Own Words takes the unique approach of using student writing as a resource for writing instruction and idea development. The defining characteristic of this unique high-intermediate to advanced writing text is the use of non-native student writing to teach writing. This feature makes the text easily accessible to and popular with students. The third edition features 15 new readings by student writers, five new readings by professional writers, updated writing topics, Internet activities to support the writing process, and contextualized revising and editing activities
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