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100 _aScheidel, Jeff.
245 _aDesigning an IAM framework with Oracle identity and access management suite
003 TLU
260 _aNew York
300 _axxiv, 340 p.
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500 _aIncludes index.
650 _aComputer networks
650 _aComputers
650 _aDatabase security
650 _aSQL*PLUS (Computer program language)
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520 _aTable Of Contents: Part I: Defining the Value of and the Need for IAM; Chapter 1: Who's Where, and Why Do You Care?; Chapter 2: Determining Your Need for an IAMFramework; Part II: Preparing the Enterprise for IAM; Chapter 3: Planning an IAM Project; Chapter 4: Compliance Considerations; Chapter 5: Making the Business Case; Chapter 6: Achieving Pitfalls: Common Mistakes in IAM; Part III: The Oracle Identity and Access Solution; Chapter 7: Designing an Oracle IAM Framework; Chapter 8: User Account Creation; Chapter 9: Provisioning: Now That I'm In, What Can I Have?; Chapter 10: Authentication and SSO: Accessing What I've Been Granted; Chapter 11: Authorization: Now That I've Got It, How Do I Get to It?; Chapter 12: Compliance Support; Chapter 13: The Time Bomb Everybody Forgets: Things Change; Chapter 14: Legacy Considerations; Chapter 15: Testing Your Framework; Part IV: Pre- and Post-Implementation Advice; Chapter 16: Choosing Software; Chapter 17: Getting Help with Your IAM Project; Chapter 18: Notes on the Actual Implementation; Chapter 19: Post-Implementation: Keeping the Framework Running; Index
999 _c884