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Title: Nonlinear programming
Authors: Dimitri P. Bertsekas
Keywords: Linear programming | Nonlinear programming | Lập trình tuyến tính | Lập trình phi tuyến | Phương pháp tối ưu hóa
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Athena Scientific
Abstract: This extensive rigorous texbook, developed through instruction at MIT, focuses on nonlinear and other types of optimization: iterative algorithms for constrained and unconstrained optimization, Lagrange multipliers and duality, large scale problems, and the interface between continuous and discrete optimization. Among its special features, the book: 1) provides extensive coverage of iterative optimization methods within a unifying framework 2) provides a detailed treatment of interior point methods for linear programming 3) covers in depth duality theory from both a variational and a geometrical/convex analysis point of view 4) includes much new material on a number of topics, such as neural network training, discrete-time optimal control, and large-scale optimization 5) includes a large number of examples and exercises detailed solutions of many of which are posted on the internet
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