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Title: Design of Enterprise Systems : Theory, Architecture, and Methods
Authors: Ronald E., Giachetti
Keywords: Thiết kế | Hệ thống doanh nghiệp | Công nghệ thông tin
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: CRC Press; Taylor & Francis Group
Abstract: In practice, many different people with backgrounds in many different disciplines contribute to the design of an enterprise. Anyone who makes decisions to change the current enterprise to achieve some preferred structure is considered a designer. What is problematic is how to use the knowledge of separate aspects of the enterprise to achieve a globally optimized enterprise. The synthesis of knowledge from many disciplines to design an enterprise defines the field of enterprise engineering.Because enterprise systems are exceedingly complex, encompassing many independent domains of study, students must first be taught how to think about enterprise systems. Specifically written for advanced and intermediate courses and modules, Design of Enterprise Systems: Theory, Architecture, and Methods takes a system-theoretical perspective of the enterprise. It describes a systematic approach, called the enterprise design method, to design the enterprise. The design method demonstrates the principles, models, methods, and tools needed to design enterprise systems. The author uses the enterprise system design methodology to organize the chapters to mimic the completion of an actual project. Thus, the book details the enterprise engineering process from initial conceptualization of an enterprise to its final design
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