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Title: The working brain: an introduction to neuropsychology,
Authors: Luria, A. R.
Keywords: Neuropsychology | Brain | Sinh lý thần kinh | Bộ não con người | Khoa học tâm lý | Tâm lý con người
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: USA: Basic Books
Abstract: This important book, by the most distinguished Soviet psychologist of our time, is the product of almost forty years of extensive research aimed at understanding the cerebral basis of human psychological activity. The main part of the book describes what we know today about the individual systems that make up the human brain and about the role of the individual zones of the cerebral hemispheres in the task of providing the necessary conditions for higher forms of mental activity to take place. Finally, Luria analyzes the cerebral organization of perception and action, of attention and memory, or speech and intellectual processes, and attempts to fit the facts obtained by neuropsychological studies of individual brain systems into their appropriate place in the grand design of psychological science.
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