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Title: Language in mind : an introduction to psycholinguistics (First Edition.)
Authors: Sedivy, Julie.
Keywords: Psycholinguistics | Cognition | Tâm lý học | Ngôn ngữ học | Tâm trí | Nhận thức
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Abstract: The field of psycholinguistics has grown considerably over the past decades, and is of relevance to various disciplines. Courses in psycholinguistics/psychology of language range from large, lower-level courses to specialized seminar-style courses, taught within Psychology departments, Linguistics departments, and other departments or programs that deal with aspects of language and communication. This new book provides a broad, introductory survey to psycholinguistics that will remain relevant to students whether or not they continue on in the field. Language in Mind addresses important questions and approaches, reflecting a variety of theoretical orientations and viewpoints and provoking a sense of curiosity about language and the structures in the mind and brain that give rise to it. Intriguing stories--presented in an accessible, energetic writing style--set the stage with a question; students then work through a series of theoretical refinements and counterarguments, guided through these unfolding stories with the help of suggested classroom demonstrations and activities. The result is a creative, pleasurable, and deep level of engagement by the student. Throughout, the author communicates the dynamic and evolving nature of the field, synthesizing the key ideas underpinning psycholinguistics research. This approach, in conjunction with the presentation of actual sample stimuli and results, prepares students to be more successful consumers of primary source material.
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