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TitleAuthorAdvisorIssue DatePublisher
Signals and systemsHaykin, Simon S.; Van Veen, Barry.-1999New York : Wiley,
Modern digital and analog communication systemsLathi, B. P.-1998New York : Oxford University Press,
Cryptography and data securityDenning, Dorothy Elizabeth Robling.-1982Reading, Mass. : Addison-Wesley,
Searching Multimedia Databases by ContentFaloutsos, Christos.; Barak, Boaz.-1996Boston; KLUWER ACADEMIC PUBLISHERS,
Multimedia database management systemsLu, Guojun.-1999Boston, MA : Artech House
Multimedia Database Management SystemsB. Prabhakaran.-1997Spinger
PVM: Parallel Virtual MachineKowalik, Janusz-1994Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press
Foundations of statistical natural language processingManning, Christopher D.; Schütze, Hinrich.-1999Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press,
Introduction to machine learning : An early Draft of a proposed textbookNils J. Nilsson.-1996USA; Stanford University
Fundamentals of digital image processingJain, Anil K.-1989Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice Hall,

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